Fiction Friday! What Would You Do With a Goat Farm?

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Hello everyone, happy Friday! Normally, I release a short, fiction story on Fridays. These stories are mostly based off of writing prompts. Today is a little different. I still based my writing off of a prompt, but it’s more of a “what if” than a story. 

The writing prompt is “An unknown relative passes away and wills you a goat farm in a foreign land. What do you do?”

The first thing I would do is go to this foreign land. This journey would be thrilling for me because I have never left the United States. I would certainly hope the people in wherever I was going spoke English. I took French in both high school and college, but unfortunately, I remember how to ask where the bathroom is and the word for chicken; That’s about it. I figure those would be essential words to avoid a disaster. They eat snails in France; I’m making sure I get something good on the menu. 

I wouldn’t have time to learn a foreign language. I am in charge of the estate, which means the goats need someone in a hurry. 

Worst case scenario, I would need to hire a translator; A tall, handsome, foreign translator with an accent. Hmmm, maybe this is turning into a romance novel after all. 

Okay, priorities; the goats need people. I would make sure the goats were healthy and had proper care right after learning how to take care of goats. 

I would need them all checked out by a vet. In my romance novel, the vet would also be a handsome man. 

Next, the goats need names. They are my new pets, after all.  I would likely name them after fairy tale characters because this is the stuff that makes fairy tales. 

Maybe the translator and vet are also princes and working together, they decide to unite their kingdoms thanks to my leading lady and the goat farm.

If the goats were miniature or had any baby goats, they would need pajamas because how cute is that?

After I assured the goats were healthy and well dressed, I would spend a lot of time with them. I would observe their behavior and probably make up stories starring the goats as if they were human. Stories about mother and father goats going to work in the field, having meals, and the kids playing would grace the pages of children’s books. I could narrate a character from each goat. 

I would learn to like goat’s milk and how to make goat cheese. Of course, there would be a handsome farmhand to teach these things in my novel. Maybe I could make recipes and set up shop at the local farmer’s market. 

I would go out and read the goats bedtime stories, probably from their children’s book series. The goats could be my beta readers. Their little ears are likely too young for the romance novel;  I will save that for other people. After a bedtime story, I’d tuck them in and kiss them all goodnight. 

After I’d mastered the art of goat tending, I would want to learn about my relative. Who were they? What were they like? How did they die? I think their demise would have been the result of a noble cause, 

but as my relative, it’s more likely they choked on a gummy bear.

I’d want to know how they took care of the goats and what they were known for in this foreign land. 

Lastly, I’d want to learn about the land. What specialties does the area offer? What are the people like? I’d want to go out and see the scenery, have some fun, and meet some people. 

A goat farm in a foreign land would be quite the adventure, but I think it would be peaceful to write from a farmhouse. The real-life me would write romance novels and children’s books from the farmhouse and have my hands full of animal care and tending the land. The romance novel character would have a reverse harem to help. 

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